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Val went to Otakon! (SHE HAS PICS!!)

Val went to Otakon! She wants to Share her pictures with you!



~*~ Saturday~*~

*~* GAIA Panel*~*


*~* Crispin Freeman*~*






*~* More Random*~*


*~*Masquerade*~* (We were back to far for most pics, she was just the opening singing)

*~* And I bet all of you are wondering... Val, you told me something AMAZING happened, what was it?

.... THIS!!   And as he stood up... he kissed my hand!!!!  Yea, right there!!

So, yea. Val had FUN! I missed all my friends that I wished could have came with me, but I know I am SOOOO going back next year!!

Ootori Madness!! ((And other cool things))

Well, a lot of things have happened in the Ootori family, so lets just start off!

  Keitaro took up dancing in his room

  Then he decided to dance with his mommy. She get her hair straightened and it seems much longer now.

  Before Keitaro decided to dance with his mommy, Kyouya wanted to paint a portrait of his beautiful wife. ((Finished product in pic above))

Val was feeling very good about the time, and it makes no surprise that...

  Val started feeling weird...


  After long moments of grueling pain on Val's part...

~Trumpet Fanfare~

  The Ootori family added a new baby to the mix!! Welcome Little Daisuke Ootori!!

  And Tamaki showed how big of an idiot he was by borrowing the Ootori's hottub in the middle of a thunderstorm.... Anyone up for BBQ Tono?

~*~ In Other News ~*~

My little sister and I made two new families and I made my frist public place!!

My sister and I made

  This happy soon to be couple. Misaki Yamato and Daray Knight ((They are both under Yamato because Sims won't let it be any other way)) Misaki is the blond, Daray is the long dark haired sex god!! ((I kinda fufilled my fantasy of a long haired Kyouya with him))

  This is Delaney Peterson, my cute little button of a girl.

  And this is my park!! I was so proud of it!

Welcome the Suohs!

  Welcome The Suohs! Tamaki, Haruhi and Haruto!!

  Tamaki watched on as Haruhi read to his little Haruto

  Then Tamaki went to work out

  While Haruhi painted (Haruto was at school)

  When Haruto got home, he asked his mom and dad about the "Birds and the Bees"... Tamaki decided to give him the first hand experience.

  Then they snuck up to their room... hehe...

Ootori Life Day Two

Welcome Back! Here is Day Two of The Ootori Life!!

  Kyouya worked out so much he became super buff!

  Val started painting, and in case you can't tell... SHE'S PREGNANT!!

  Val started telling Keitaro about the birds and the bees

  Keitaro got saved for a moment when Kyouya wanted to talk to the baby

  Since it looked like such fun, Keitaro wanted to talk to the baby as well

So now we are waiting to see if Val will have a baby boy or baby girl.

If it is a boy, his name will be Daisuke

If it is a girl, her name will be either Valerie, or Kiyoko

Because Val is cruel, kinda

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Ootori Family!

~waits for cheers and hears crickets. Shrugs and moves on~

I bet you are wondering, "Val, why did you remake the Ootori Family?"

It's elementary my dear people. I screwed myself up. I made my aspiration be 'Romance' so I was scared of commitment, which meant, I was scared to get married to Kyouya. So, I killed us off and remade us, and with the help of my real life little sister, made a new house, new family, and new memories!!

So welcome one and all to

The Ootori Family, version 2

  Outside we see Kyouya's sporty car, and Val's mini van, why a mini van? you will see...

The first floor shows us a lovely white sitting room, blueish green hallway, a big guest bath, nice dining room, and a quaint kitchen. Also, because my sister is awesome, we have stairs AND an elevator.

  here is the second floor and we see the pale babies room right next to mommy and daddies room. The small bathroom is special for the happy couple and right below is their first son's room, his name is Keitaro, with the bigger bathroom to be used by him, and his future siblings. The brown space in the middle is a more family toom, with computer, tv, and other fun stuff.

Now this is what we are waiting, for isn't it? Welcome the new Ootori family! Kyouya and Val are so in love, and their wonderful son Keitaro. As you can see, Kei-kun takes after his mom hair wise, but what you can't see is his eyes and glasses, just like his father.

Kyouya is such a good dad, he loves spending time with his son, the pride of the Ootori line

They will sit outside as Kyouya reads to his son.

"Kyouya, what are you reading to our child?"

"Nothing Val! Now Keitaro, remember that..."

He lies, he is teaching his son to take over the family business.

Now don't think Val get's ignored, while Keitaro is at school, Kyouya gives all his attention to Val, weither it be by slow dancing with her for hours...

Cuddling her in the hot tub...

Or romancing her in the bedroom... by the way, The Ootori's are planning on having another baby or two soon, so keep an eye out for it!

  Then while Keitaro is doing homework and Val is working on cooking dinner, or cleaning up, Kyouya practices the piano. He is getting quite good. He can play chopsticks.

Keitaro is also trying to make friends with his favorite "Auntie" Elari Firestar, Val's best friend. Keitaro loves to play catch with his auntie, even if she's not very good at it.

And there you have it. The new and improved Ootori family, and they are here to stay baby!

More Sims pics

Kyouya and Val decided to go outside and play catch

  Then they decided to slow dance, again, they just love being in each others arms

  They danced until the sun rose

Then they went inside to make out.

Sadly.... Val's biggest fear right now is to be proposed to by Kyouya....

Chapter 3 of the Kyouya fanfic

Kyoya walked through the halls, thinking of what had happened over the past week. He moved to America, to get away from what he thought was the purest heartbreak he ever held, but within the first day of school, he had met a beautiful girl, and he had no idea what he was going to do.


He didn’t even know about Valencia’s trip to America… she wasn’t in his notes about the family, and for her to also be the one he had been searching for, it was strange. No one could have foreseen that. But now… now… Valencia was stuck in his mind.


After Nico introduced her, and they realized who each other were, they sat and talked the whole night. Valencia was, as Nico explained, the daughter of Esma’s older sister back in Spain. Her mom Andrea and her father Hiro, who was Japanese and Spanish mixed, were going through a divorce, and since they didn’t want her around to deal with the stresses of it all, she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in America, if also helped that she wanted to study abroad for a year, so everything fell into place.


Kyoya sighed and looked at his watch before turning a corner and running into a very solid person. Falling backwards, he blinked just in time to catch himself, and reached out to catch the other person before they hit the floor.


He blinked as he realized it was the girl who was picking in his brain. “Miss Valencia. Are you okay?”


“Oh, Kyoya! I’m so sorry. I should learn to watch where I’m going!” Her voice rang in his ears, and he smiled.


“No no, it’s my fault. I was distracted by something.” He said, letting her go as soon as he was positive she was stable. He watched as she smiled, playing with a strand of her hair. He blinked as he imagined running his fingers through her hair and staring forever into her deep blue eyes. Shaking his head, he bowed his head, “Which class are you heading to, Miss?”


“Please, if I’m allowed to call you Kyoya, you can just call me Val.” She smiled, and when he nodded his agreement, she looked at her watch, “Oh, I was just heading to meet up with Dezy so we could head home. Classes are over for the day.”


“They are?” He glanced at his watch and noted that it was in fact late in the afternoon; classes had been over for a while, “Well… I guess they are… my mind must not be with me today.”


Val giggled, and he realized how cute it was. He had yet to find a fault with her, when she spoke again. “Well. I better get going. I have to meet Dezy or I will be left to find another way home.”


“Well, how about I escort you?” He said, offering his arm to her. She blushed and accepted, taking his arm softly. They walked down the hall quietly. When they reached the doorway, Dezy ran forward and grabbed Val’s other arm.


“Come on Valencita! I have a date tonight, and I need help choosing clothes!” Dezy said, as she drug Val away.


Kyoya blinked as deep down he felt empty when the cool air hit the part of his arm that Val was holding onto just moments before, then he smiled as he heard Val call out that she would see him later as they climbed into the back of a limo and closed the door.


He waved slightly and turned to the student parking lot to find his car, climbing in. He drove home and smiled as he found a package from the host club. Opening it, he found some commoner melon snacks and commoner coffee. He smiled as he read the note that came with it.




How are you enjoying America? My dad did a good job on the American branch huh? Did you meet that family you went there to meet? We all miss you and we thought we would send you some snacks so you won’t forget us here! Write us back or call us when you have the time. We got a phone put in the clubroom so you can call us there! We all miss you and hope you come back to visit soon.




Tamaki, Haruhi and the others.


He smiled, and read the little P.S. scrawled on the bottom in Haruhi’s hand, giving the phone number, and her own well-wishes.


Folding the letter up, he placed it next to the phone and unpacked the snacks and coffee, seeing they were the cheep kinds, which meant Haruhi had been in charge of buying them.


He folded the box up and slipped it into a closet, just in case he found a use for it, like sending the others some American sweets and well wishes. Then he sat down to do his homework, and day dream about the blonde girl who literally crashed into his life. 

Chapter 2 of the Kyoya fanfic

August 31st


Well, my beloved paper friend, this year seems like it will be an interesting one. Since I had desired to study abroad as my parents dealt with their personal issues, my mother had it arranged that I would go live with my Aunt Esma, and Uncle Nico. My Uncle is the head of a wide chain of American Hospitals, and had the money to send my cousin Desdemona to Ouran Academy. It turns out that Ouran is a school based in Japan, but the superintendent decided that he wanted to open the doors of Ouran to other countries and started opening them in America. Why he choose Louisiana, even my uncle didn’t know, but better for me, since my uncle also had me enrolled there at the first chance. The yellow girls uniform were weird, but comfortable, but blended in with my yellow hair, and somehow it made my blue eyes duller as well. Oh well, I only had to wear it to school, then after school I can return to normal clothes.


Today was my first day, and after Dezy showed me to the main office, she vanished, leaving me to navigate the huge school on my own. As I wandered, trying to find my first class, I heard the tardy bells chime and took off running down the hall, I turned a corner and accidentally knocked into a boy who was just standing there, I turned and saw I knocked a notebook from his hands and his glasses lay neatly on the floor. I stooped down to pick them up and handed them to him, apologizing. I looked up at him, seeing he was some sort of Asian boy, his hair a lovely shade of black and his eyes… wow… they were like liquid metal… soft… yet hard, cold… yet held warmth not many probably could see. The second tardy bell rang as he took his stuff without a word. As soon as the objects left my hands, I took off running again, finding my class right as the late bell rang. I cursed to myself as the teacher scolded me about being late on my first day then told me to take a seat.


The rest of the day seemed uneventful after running into metal eyes, and after I found Dezy after school, we went home. My Aunt stopped us and told us that Uncle Nico was having a very important guest come over for a barbeque that night and we were to dress nicely, while comfortably. We nodded and went up to our rooms. After I helped Dezy wash the yellow dye from her hair, since Dezy was born with natural white stripes in her hair and white eyes, she added colored contacts and dye that matched her clothes she was wearing, we choose pink for her to wear. After she dressed in black capris and a hot pink tank and adding her contacts and hair dye, she helped me choose something to wear.


We decided on sandblasted jeans and a blue off the shoulder top that Dezy said brought out my eyes beautifully. We looked outside as a convertible pulled up the drive and smirked to each other, Uncle Nico’s guest was here. We had been discussing it, and we had believed he would be some stuffy old guy, and from out angle out the window, he did look it.


We ran outside as the bell rang. Dezy kissed her dad on the cheek and hugged her mom as I went and said hello to my great grandmother Stella. Dezy came over and sat with us next to the pool as we heard Uncle Nico go to welcome his guest. After introducing Aunt Esma, Auntie introduced Granny and Dezy; Dezy seemed nonchalant about meeting the guy. I stood and looked at the guy. He looked me over slightly as Uncle Nico explained whom I was. I said hello with a smile on my face, then he blinked, giving me the strangest look I had ever seen… It only took me a few moments to realize it. It was the same guy I ran into!


Dezy just came in and asked me how I could be so stupid as to run into an Ootori, and I had better be happy that he didn’t seem to upset about it or I may have been sent right back to Spain and to my fighting parents! Does the Ootori family really have that much power? I will have to find out later, but for now, I have homework.


Till next time my paper friend…




So I decided that the odd chapters will be about Kyoya, then in the even chapters, I will retell the story, as Val writing in her diary. Cute huh?

New Fanfic I'm writing

I've run into a block with "Of Spell's And Red Heads~" so I decided to mess around with another idea that was swimming in my head


Kyoya Ootori walked down the halls of Ouran high school, the American branch. He had chosen to come to America to meet the different American Hospital Branches. It’s not like Japan held much for him anymore, his friends had all moved on after High School. Tamaki and Haruhi were the cute couple of the school back in Japan. The twins both had girlfriends, and were traveling the fashion districts of Europe with them. Mori had found a girlfriend, and they are to be married in the spring, and Hunny was waiting for his sweetheart to return from a trip to Africa for a spiritual journey.


He sighed as he looked out the window and saw the sprawling landscape that was the Louisiana countryside. He had chosen this school due to its close proximity to the largest hospital branch in the U.S. The Knight’s were quite famed for their hospitals, their only true rival were the Ootori’s in Japan.


Kyoya was to go visit their family after school, to properly introduce himself to the entire family. He flipped open his trusty notebook and reread the backgrounds of each member of the Knight family.


The head of the family was Nicholas Knight, aged 36, half American, half French, grew up in France until he turned 20, then, during a short trip to Spain, he met his wife, and they ran away together to America to elope.


Esma Knight was 18 when she met Nicholas, and dropped her entire life in Spain to run away with him to America. Soon after the elopement, Esma graced her husband with a baby girl they named Desdemona.


Desdemona, also known as Dezy, is currently 16. Born with plain white eyes and hair stripped with white naturally, she turned to colored hair dyes and contacts to make a statement. The only heir to the family business, which literally grew from the bayous of Louisiana, she was spoiled by her doting mother, and father.


They live with Esma’s Grandmother, who is rumored to be a Voodoo priestess. If those rumors come to be true, Kyoya decided he might just have to invite Nekozawa-senpai to come meet her.


As he read his notes, he heard a distant bell ring, closing his notebook, he was knocked into, causing him to drop his notebook and his glasses flew off.


“Oh my, I’m so sorry!” He heard a girl’s voice, and through his blurred vision, he saw a head of blonde hair holding out his glasses and notebook. He took them and, after checking for any scratches, slipped his glasses on, just in time to see the last few feet of blonde hair duck around the corner.


Sighing, he walked down the hall and into his classroom. He spent the next few classes trying to spot the girl who had bumped into him, but without his glasses on, he didn’t know anything about her except blond hair, and it was more popular to have blond hair in America. So he had to hope to hear her voice filtering through the murmur of voices surrounding him.


Her voice never came though, and the day had ended. He went to his apartment his dad had found for him close to the school to change for the evening with the Knights’. He switched from his uniform, the same as the one in Japan and tried to find a decent suit to wear when a phone call came in. Find his cell phone, he answered it in Japanese, “Hello, Ootori Kyoya, here.”


“Mr. Ootori, pleased to hear you are sounding like you are getting along well in America,” The voice belonged to Nicholas Knight, since the answer was in English.


“Ah, yes, Mr. Knight. I am settled in fine, and am quite honored you have invited me to your home for dinner tonight.” Kyoya switched to English, his glasses glinting in the lights of his room.


“Yes, that is what I am calling about, Mr. Ootori. I don’t want you to feel pressured to dress formally. Tonight we are having a small cook out, so please, come dressed comfortably.” Kyoya smiled and said he would, and thanked him for his phone call, promising he would be there on time.


After the phone went dead, Kyoya set his phone down on the desk near his wardrobe. Searching through, he found a pair of khaki pants and his sandals. Pulling them on, he looked through his closet for a proper shirt; finding a tan and blue button up. He smiled; remember when everyone had decided he needed to go shopping for a new wardrobe if he was going to be going to America.


Haruhi had picked out the shirt, saying it reminded her of the day she got past his walls at the commoner’s market. He purchased it without a second thought, holding onto the memories of that day as he watched Haruhi relax comfortably in Tamaki’s arms, as Tamaki held up a pink dress that Tamaki swore would look beautiful on her.


Sighing, Kyoya pulled the shirt on, buttoning it up and slipping his watch onto his wrist. Slipping his wallet into his pocket and placing his cell phone in his breast pocket, he went outside to the small convertible that his sister bought him as a going away present. Following the directions he had, he made it to the Knight’s home in record time.


Knocking on the door, a servant showed him to the backyard where, much to his surprise, Mr. Knight was cooking.


“Ah, Mr. Ootori, welcome.” He said, walking away from the grill to shake hands with Kyoya, “Welcome to my home.”


“Mr. Knight, thank you for allowing me to visit.” Kyoya said, giving a small bow to his elder.


“Now now, please. Since we are all going to be friends here, please call me Nicholas, in fact, call me Nico.” Nico smiled, leading Kyoya deeper into the backyard.


“Then please, call my Kyoya.” Kyoya smiled, moving with Nico.


“Right, Kyoya, this is my wife Esma.” Nico said, as his wife stood from her seat and smiled.


“Welcome to our home…” She smiled, her voice still held a touch of Spanish to it. She motioned over to a few other seats, “This is my grandmother, Stella.”


The grandmother stood with a smile and looked over Kyoya, “You can call me grandma, young man.” Kyoya nodded to her, then his attention was turned to two more people standing.


“My daughter Desdemona” Esma stated, as a girl wearing hot pink with pink streaked hair and eyes looked over the Japanese boy with clear distrust, “Dezy, please. He is a guest, and you are going to be nice.”


Dezy then smiled and shrugged, “Whatever, welcome to America and all that jazz….”


He smiled, “Thank you, miss.”


Then his eyes were drawn to the lone person standing behind her. A girl with long blond hair, and blue eyes stepped forward and smiled.


“Oh, yes… This is my niece, visiting for the year from Spain.” Nico smiled as he walked over and placed his hands on the shoulders of his niece, “Kyoya, this is Valencia Luna, the daughter of my wife’s sister Andrea.”


“It’s an honor to meet you, Miss.” Kyoya smiled, bowing to her.


“And I am honored to meet you too…” She spoke, and that’s all it took. Kyoya blinked and looked at her. No doubt about it. Valencia was the girl from before. They took in the sight of each other when the girl made a small strangled noise, “Oh my! You’re the boy I ran into in the hall!”


And with that, Kyoya’s adventures in America began. What will happen for him now? Please continue reading to find out!




Please read and review. The Knights and Valencia are my own characters from another Ouran Story in the works as a collaborative project with a friend, but I wanted to make their own story, since I was bored, and had nothing to do.




Chapter 3

Of Spells And Red Head~


Chapter 3


“Master Kasanoda!” I heard a voice yelling my name close by. My eyes flew open and I saw sitting next to me my closest confidant and friend, Tetsuya. He watched me with a worried expression on his face.


I sat up slowly, giving him leave to tell me why he was in my room at such an hour, my alarm flashing three in the morning in the ungodly red numbers, “Master Kasanoda. You were yelling in your sleep. Something about fire raining from the heavens and a girl with black and blue eyes…. “


Oh yea… Aiko was in my dreams…. She was holding her hand out to me, trying to grab me, as I seemed to be falling. Her eyes… her strange eyes…. They seemed to glow brighter as she grabbed my hand; her skin felt like ice, and behind her, fire fell, glinting off her dark hair, the strand of red seemed alive.


“I’m fine Tetsuya…. Go back to your rooms….” I muttered, lying back on the bed, thinking back to today. Aiko is a “mystic”, the books I read that evening said mystics were fairies with powers to free people from spells. But… how did she know of my spell? I never told anyone, not even Tetsuya… or Haruhi… yet this girl…


But how else would she know the song? She sang the words perfectly… beautifully. I never noticed how her voice had a soft, bell like quality to it… GAH! I can’t be thinking about her like that. It’s like she’s putting a spell on me as well!


As soon as Tetsuya left the room, I closed my door and turned on my lamp, opening the book about mystics, reading once again.


Mystics can change their appearance if they so desire

The color of their right eye shows what court of the fae they belong to

The color of their left eye shows what magic they practice


So… right eye was black… so… the book said she belonged to the dark courts of the fae while her left eye, that bright aqua… meant she practiced good magic?  It made no sense… it made no more sense then when my grandfather explained it to me when I went to visit him after school.


He told me that, according to legends, Mystics were sneaky little faes, and if they were to help free you of a spell, you owed them. He didn’t say what, nor did he ask why I was so curious with “fairy tales,” as he put it.


I looked back to the book, training my eyes to the little drawling that was said to be a Mystic. Hair long and silky black, two colored eyes… Their skin pale, with markings on the arms and legs, to show what they were. Wings that looked like a demons that appeared to have been shredded due to Mystics being out casted by the other faes.


But that didn’t answer all my questions. Why did Aoi-chan choose me? How did she know about my spell, the song my aunt sang to me? I knew I had to ask her about it, and soon.


Looking at the clock, I saw it was nearing five in the morning, so I decided to just stay awake, and get ready for school. I stood slowly from where I sat and looked outside the window at the slowly rising sun, for the first time, not hearing my aunt’s voice first thing in the morning.




Ok, here is the end of Chapter 3.


As usual, I do not own Ouran or the song I listen to when I write this.


Please Read and Review.


<3 Val